Frequently Asked Questions

What is SchollyME?

SchollyME is the best sports mobile app for all fans, athletes, and coaches. Everyone can use our SchollyME app, but if you are an athlete or coach there is an extra benefit to you using SchollyME.

Why was SchollyME created?

SchollyME was created as a need to level the playing field between those athletes who can afford thousands of dollars to pay someone to market and promote their athletic talents to college coaches, and those athletes who simply can’t afford the money. We set out to build the fastest and most effective method for the athlete and parent to contact college coach in hopes of gaining an athletic scholarship to various schools across the country. We also wanted to provide a safe place for the entire family to communicate and support their favorite athletes.

What is the benefit to athletes?

On SchollyME athletes can search and friend college coaches at all levels to market and brand themselves in hopes of a full or partial scholarship. Athletes can upload Official Transcripts, GPA/SAT scores, and personal contact information that can only be viewed by college coaches. Athletes may also request an Online Evaluation based on game film uploaded in their profile.

How do I contact a college coach?

For athletes and parents, contacting a coach using our mobile app is as simple as a friend request or sending them a direct message while on their profile page. The athlete or the parents can do this directly without the assistance from anyone.

How do I upload my official transcript and other scores?

Once you have built an Athlete Profile you can go to "My Academics" to input your GPA and SAT scores. You may also request to have your Transcript uploaded by clicking the “Upload Transcript ” button.

Who can view my transcript and scores?

The only people on SchollyME that will be allowed to view your transcript are vetted college coaches that have sent you a request to view your transcript. You will have to accept the request in order for the requesting coach to receive a copy of your transcript. You may also deny any coach access to your transcript with one click of a button.

What is the benefit to college coaches?

The new era of recruiting has helped the cash-strapped schools that could not be on the road viewing every single athlete with potential. SchollyME allows college coaches to identify any and all “sleepers” in the future. Coaches can recruit everywhere without going anywhere. Game film, transcript, parent contact information, photos, direct messaging and more of the prospect student athletes with one click of a button.

How do I view an athletes transcripts and private information?

As an “Approved Coach” you would simply identify the athlete your are recruiting, go to the athlete’s profile page, click on "My Academics" then you may click on “Request Transcript.” If the athlete accepts your request his or her Official Transcript will be emailed to the email you signed up with in your profile within one second from the time request has been approved. Once you have built a coach profile with your University name please allow up to 24 hours for our staff to unlock your account to view all private information of athletes in your registered sport only. Approval is also free!

What is the difference between Official Team Page and Team Page?

An Official Team Page is a page that a college or high school program sets up for their players, parents, and coaching staff only. Official Team Pages are private to the public therefore no one can join the Official Team Page without the administrator of that team page sending you an invite to join.

Team Page is a page that any fan can set up to have friends and other fans of that team join in the friendly game day banter. This is a site that is tons of fun, informative, and can be used to update other members on youth, high school, college, or professional sporting news.

What is Pep Talk?

Pep Talk is a term taken from every locker room across the country. It is typically used to motivate athletes to play better, do better, and be better. SchollyME uses the term Pep Talk rather than Blog because of the nature of our blogs. Dr. Ash will be writing a weekly blog centered around sports, recruiting, concussions, and more. Elite college athletes and professional athletes will be guest bloggers to motiviate younger athletes who want to achieve great success. College coaches will also be guest bloggers in the Pep Talk area to inform parents about the recruiting process and what they look for in an athlete and his/her support system.

Why should I accept a friend request as Teammate rather than Fan?

If you accept or request someone as a Fan (Friend) then you agree to share all you post, pictures and video with those people. If you accept or request someone as a Teammate (closes friend) then you can make your post, pictures, video private so only your teammates (closest friends) can see them.

How can I get more information on recruiting?

For more information on recruiting we highly recommend a great read: THE STUDENT ATHLETE’S COLLEGE RECRUITMENT GUIDE, by Dr. Ashley B. Benjamin, M.D., Michael Cauthen, and Patrick Donnelly.

The Student-Athlete’s College Recruitment Guide